The centre for allies of environmental transformation in the Pyrénées-Méditerranée
The centre for allies of environmental transformation in the Pyrénées-Méditerranée
The centre for allies of environmental transformation in the Pyrénées-Méditerranée

Let’s work together to understand environmental transformation in all its complexity, and build a different future

About us ?

We are participants and decision-makers in our region who are already acting, whether in our local authorities, our companies, our associations or our municipalities, to reduce our impact, adapt, preserve our natural harmony, and protect the Living World.

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What are our objectives?

  • Structuring training and education around the Environmental Transition.
  • Promoting migration in our environment and our regions.
  • Encouraging students to prepare for the careers of the future.
  • Helping the long-term unemployed back into the workforce.
  • Using sport to boost learning and professional integration.
  • Promoting the emergence of new company projects and new processes.

The impact we’re looking for

  • Bringing all of the strands of the environmental transformation together into a single, global vision and a coherent strategy.
  • Remaining attractive in terms of jobs and resources so we can host and consolidate companies and partners in our region, promoting cohesion and mutual benefit.
  • Reducing the gap between the skills companies need and the jobs applicants want.
  • Implementing crisis cells to address the high-impact subjects for our survival and our ability to project beyond our borders.
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They’re on board

Being the global champion of ecological transformation, implies to be leader in the ecology of solutions. The way we operate is based on a model of plural performance.

We are therefore aware that Ecological Transformation must be achieved in partnership with all our stakeholders. Decarbonization, resource conservation and regeneration, and pollution control are the three priority issues we wish to address.

Being a partner of the Ekomorphoz association is in line with our ambition and our challenges.


Since its creation, the firm’s vocation has been to work with environmental players or on ecological transition projects.
We have been involved in the study of an urban market gardening project in the Toulouse region, the organization of a study trip to Israel in 2018 about the second life of water, and even an urban planning projects in the face of global warming or food resource management.

These experiences have naturally led us to become involved in EKOMORPHOZ, working with its members to shape the future of our region.

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    Join us !

    After two years of study and deliberation, the founding members made the decision on the 15 March 2023 to create the EKOMORPHOZ Association.

    If you want to take the plunge and join us, fill in this form or call us at

    06 76 70 13 22