Ekomorphoz is supporting the creation of a “water” careers and qualifications campus (CMQ) at the Lycée Pablo Picasso in Perpignan.

The Occitanie Academic Region and the Occitanie Region as a whole have approved the creation of a “water” CMQ, positioning the Lycée Pablo Picasso in Perpignan as an official support establishment. We are convinced of the value of this decision, given the region’s urgent need for deep-seated and structural environmental transformation, so alongside Ekomorphoz, we want to support the certification and development of this CMQ, the only one of its kind in France. The leading tool for our environmental transition, education and training for young people and employees will boost the human capital that is essential for all companies supporting the cause. It is also the best way to offer long-term, sustainable careers and qualifications of all levels throughout the region. In this way, the “Water” CMQ will help meet companies’ needs in terms of training and new skills for water-related careers by: Adapting and reinforcing the training resources in place for critical careers in the water sectors. Structuring the most ambitious study programmes to meet these companies’ needs for skills. Promoting the emergence of new solutions and training in the face of technological and organisational changes within companies in the sector. Driving the development of new certifications in line with changing and/or transforming jobs and careers. Uniting the resources and means of the region’s various training and education organisations, seeking to pool them and create powerful synergies. Helping improve the orientation process and bringing more women into technical jobs. Developing international mobility to open up to different cultures and peoples. The “Water’ CMQ brings together partners, training and education establishments, and companies, under the shared strategic direction of the Occitanie Academic Region and the Occitanie Region as a whole. The CMQ labelThe CMQ label identifies a network of partner companies and organisations across a given region, such as secondary and further education establishments, training centres, and companies. These partners work together to develop a wide range of professional, technological, and general training programmes.The primary objective of a CMQ is to meet the specific needs of a national or regional economic sector. It aims to bring together the relevant training into specific pathways relating to these economic priorities. This training can be provided as part of secondary education, further education, or initial or continued professional training.The CMQ plays a key role in supporting regional authorities in their economic and social development. It also aims to get young people into the workforce by providing training which is adapted to the needs of the jobs market. By working together with other regional centres of excellence, CMQs help promote innovation and synergy between all of the parties involved.
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